On January 15, 2024, Ambassador Bui The Giang, Vice President of the Vietnam - USA Society, convened a meeting to extend a warm welcome to all the members of the "Two Sides Project" (2SP) delegation with Ms. Margot C. Delogne as the founder.

Ambassador Bui The Giang, Vice President of the Vietnam - USA Society shares his views on Vietnam -  US relations. 

During a discussion, Mr. Giang expressed his thoughts on the relationship between Vietnam and the United States. It has been a decade since the two countries normalized diplomatic relations, and since then, their relationship has developed strongly, setting an example for reconciliation and cooperation.

Despite past years of challenges and conflicts, both countries have impressively transformed, building a deep friendship founded on mutual respect and shared interests.

The meeting provided an opportunity for both sides to exchange stories from the past, offering a clearer understanding of the war between the United States and Vietnam.

Despite the turbulent and challenging times, the war holds valuable lessons and profound meaning for both nations and the world as a whole. Enduring years of conflict has taught us the importance of peace, the necessity for dialogue and mutual understanding, and the significance of respecting each country's sovereignty and independence.

Ambassador Bui The Giang, Vice President of the Vietnam - USA Society, anticipates that this journey will provide members of the delegation with a heightened understanding of Vietnam, encompassing not only its heroic past but also its current development and future prospects in Vietnam - US relations.

Ambassador Bui The Giang underscored the importance of cultivating and advancing business partnerships, along with fostering robust connections among the descendants of veterans from both Vietnam and the United States. He emphasized that such endeavors play a crucial role in fortifying the friendship between the two nations.

The visit was undertaken in the spirit of peace, solidarity, friendship, and reconciliation, with a focus on envisioning the future and fostering mutual understanding between the two nations. This endeavor not only aids in healing historical wounds but also paves the way for new opportunities in Vietnam - US relations, establishing a robust foundation for long-term development and cooperation.