Xoi – the quintessential comfort food

Xoi – the quintessential comfort food

TCVM - Xôi (sticky rice) has a long-standing history in the Vietnamese cuisine. It is one of the most well-beloved food for Vietnamese people regardless of age and generation.

From Athens to Kyoto, try coffee like a local

TCVM - Thursday, October 1 is International Coffee Day. And catching up with friends over a cup of coffee, even if you're talking on video chat, has never seemed so appealing, especially since there are now so many ways to enjoy your daily perk, from creamy Vietnamese coffee and the ceremonials of Ethiopian coffee to Turkey's traditional strong black brew.

Ca phe sua da: A sweet treat from Vietnam that’s won worldwide fame

TCVM - While coffee-based drinks from other countries are quickly growing in popularity throughout Vietnam, the local ca phe sua da (iced coffee mixed with sweet condensed milk) is solidifying its own reputation on the world stage.