It is estimated that for the whole year, attracting FDI capital reached more than 36.6 billion USD, an increase of more than 32% compared to last year.

According to information given by the Foreign Investment Agency, FDI inflows were mainly channeled into provinces and cities with advantages such as favourable infrastructure, stable human resources, simplified administrative procedures, and dynamism in investment promotion.

These localities include Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Bac Giang, Thai Binh, Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Nghe An, Binh Duong, and Dong Nai.

Singapore topped the list of 111 countries and territories pouring capital into the Vietnamese market with more than US$6.8 billion, up 5.4% on-year. Elsewhere, Japan ranked second with nearly US$6.57 billion, up 37.3%, followed by Hong Kong (China) with more than US$4.68 billion, China, the Republic of Korea, and Taiwan (China).

Continue to expand and make new investments in Vietnam in the coming time. 

Data from the Ministry of Planning and Investment also shows that this year the total foreign investment capital in Vietnam reached nearly 37 billion USD. Worth mentioning, FDI disbursement this year also reached a record with more than 23 billion USD. According to information from the Foreign Investment Department (Ministry of Planning and Investment), many foreign investors in the field The fields of semiconductor technology, electronic equipment, renewable energy... continue to expand and make new investments in Vietnam in the near future.

More important is FDI capital into into Vietnam is following the Government's policy and orientation of shifting from intensive industries. labor-intensive to brain-intensive.

Recently, international companies have begun to restructure global value through reorganizing supply chains and diversifying production locations.

Vietnam has become one of the ideal destinations for businesses that want to withdraw from fixed markets to expand into other markets thanks to outstanding investment attraction policies as well as the advantage of abundant human resources. abundance, political stability and favorable regulations for trade activities.

Many international corporations also pledge to continue expanding investment in the Vietnamese market. 

Clean the nest to welcome the eagle

The concept of eagles, referring to large corporations in the world, has been talked about the most in the past 3 years when the COVID-19 pandemic caused production and supply chains across the globe to be disrupted.

In the wake of the pandemic and recent economic and geopolitical instability, many wholesale and retail corporations and distribution channels are actively pursuing diversification strategies to ensure sustainable and ive supply.

The situation has led to a rotation of capital flows to avoid risks and many countries, including Vietnam, have "prepared a nest to welcome the eagle".  

Furthermore, following the pandemic and recent geopolitical and economic instability, many corporations and retail and wholesale distribution channels are actively pursuing diversification strategies to secure sustainable and ive sources of supply.

Vietnam is emerging as a strategic destination within its global supply chains. Many international corporations also pledge to continue expanding investment in the Vietnamese market.

According to Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung, Vietnam has the necessary conditions, including infrastructure, policies and a skilled workforce to proactively promote and absorb the upcoming investment wave.

The desire for the semiconductor industry was fueled by the historic visit of US President Joe Biden to Vietnam in September 2023 and the two countries officially established a comprehensive strategic partnership.

Both sides emphasized considering innovation and high technology, including semiconductor chips and artificial intelligence (AI), as the focus of cooperation in the coming time. 

Just a few days after President Joe Biden's visit to Vietnam, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh made a trip to the US to attend the high-level week of the UN General Assembly. The Prime Minister also visited Nvidia headquarters, inviting billionaire Jensen Huang (Chairman, General Director of Nvidia) came to Vietnam.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh made a trip to the US to attend the high-level week of the UN General Assembly. 


High-level week of the UN General Assembly. 

More than 2 months later, Nvidia's Chairman came to Vietnam to discuss cooperation in developing the semiconductor and AI industries. The person known as the "AI wizard" affirmed "will turn Vietnam into Nvidia's second homeland".

Attracted 36.6 billion USD of FDI capital, record disbursement

Not surprised by the results of attracting FDI this year because what is happening is "in the right spirit Resolution 50 of the Politburo ", Associate Professor-Dr. Nguyen Thuong Lang (Institute of International Trade and Economics) commented that although investment capital flows The world is still in a slowing trend, but Vietnam continues to have great advantages and potential to attract FDI capital, especially in the field of high technology and 4.0 technology.

This shows the attractiveness and safety of the investment environment in Vietnam. Vietnam's investment attraction policy clearly prioritizes the technology industry. This is an important foundation for investors to predict the priority strategy for attracting FDI into key technology fields. 

Microsoft VietNam. 

Updated data published by the Foreign Investment Agency shows that as of December 20, 2023, the country's FDI attraction increased quite spectacularly, nearly 36.61 billion USD in registered capital, an increase of 32.1% compared to the previous year. in the same period last year.

Along with that, realized capital of foreign investment projects is estimated to reach about 23.18 billion USD, an increase of 3.5% compared to 2022.

This is a record disbursement level ever. In particular, of the total registered capital of more than 36.6 billion USD mentioned above, newly registered capital reached nearly 20.2 billion USD, an increase of more than 62% over the same period.

The number of newly registered projects also increased by 56.6%. Thus, both new projects and newly registered capital increased sharply in the context of the global economy still facing many difficulties and exports decreasing.

Vietnam's direct investment abroad reached more than 22 billion USD

Accumulated up to now, Vietnam's direct investment capital abroad has reached more than 22 billion USD with 1,701 valid projects. Many projects, many businesses investing abroad have been profitable and have repatriated nearly 2 billion USD this year.

According to a report from the Ministry of Planning and Investment, in 2023 Vietnam's total investment capital abroad, including new and adjusted levels, will reach nearly 421 million USD, equal to 78% over the same period last year.

Although the total capital decreased, the number of projects increased, up to 124 projects being granted new investment registration certificates. This shows that investing abroad continues to be a highly attractive investment channel for businesses.

Vietnamese enterprises are currently investing in 79 countries and territories around the world, focusing on 16 industries, field... In particular, investment in high-tech agriculture is a great advantage of Vietnamese enterprises. 

Although the situation of attracting FDI capital is improving, the Government is still making continuous efforts to improve the investment environment and prepare the necessary conditions to welcome the FDI wave in 2024 when the world economy is will recover stronger.

Nguyen Nga