Admiral Swift, accompanied by U.S. Ambassador in Vietnam Ted Osius, toured the Bach Dang Giang (Bach Dang River) site, where iron-headed poles were placed under the waters during the great victories of Vietnam against invaders in three historic battles in the 10th and 13th centuries.


U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander visits Battle of Bach Dang site in Vietnam


Bach Dang River has witnessed three great victories of Vietnam against northern invaders with the same tactic of using the underwater iron-headed poles to block the enemy ships when the tide withdrew. The triumphs were led by Ngo Quyen in 938, Le Dai Hanh in 981 and Tran Hung Dao in 1288.


A Bach Dang pole preserved in liquid


At the areas where the iron-headed poles used in the battles centuries ago are restored, the U.S. Pacific Fleet commander expressed his impression on the tactics Vietnamese generals used to defeat invaders.

Admiral Swift hailed the Vietnamese heroes for overcoming the odds through resilience, determination, and ingenious tactics to maintain the independence and sovereignty of their nation.


Admiral Scott H. Swift pays tribute at the Tran Hung Dao shrine.


As part of his visit, Admiral Swift also paid respect to the memorial sites of the three heroes of Bach Dang battles, King Le Dai Hanh, Supreme Commander Tran Hung Dao, King Ngo Quyen, as well as late President Ho Chi Minh.

At a press conference following the visit, Admiral Swift said as the commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, his visit to Bach Dang Giang indicates the stronger ties between the naval forces of Vietnam and the U.S.


A close-up view of a iron-clad pole used in a Bach Dang battle.


He added that the U.S. carrier will visit Vietnam at a suitable time in the future.

Admiral Scott H. Swift, 60, took command of the U.S. Pacific Fleet in May 2015.


Most of the retrieved poles are verified to have been used in the battle of Bach Dang in 1288, led by Tran Hung Dao against the Yuan Dynasty invaders.


He touched down in Vietnam on the night of October 4 and had a meeting with Pham Ngoc Minh, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People's Army, in Hanoi the following day.


Admiral Scott H. Swift and Ambassador Ted Osius join a symbolic tree planting at the Bach Dang Giang relic site.


At the meeting, Admiral Swift affirmed his commitments to boosting bilateral military collaboration towards effectiveness.


Admiral Scott H. Swift writes the memorial book at the Bach Dang Giang relic site.


He was scheduled to have a meeting with Vietnam’s defense ministry following the Bach Dang Giang visit.


Hai Phong leaders hand over gifts to Admiral Scott H. Swift.