IPW has been a cornerstone of the U.S. travel industry for many years, providing a platform for showcasing the country's diverse destinations and connecting travel professionals worldwide.

 Thousands of interactions between businesses and organizations took place

This year's event, held from May 3rd to 8th, brought together 5,700 representatives from travel companies, organizations, media outlets, and 70 countries.

The official opening ceremony on May 4th set the tone for the event, with a vibrant atmosphere, delectable cuisine,and captivating entertainment.

While speeches were kept to a minimum, the overall concept and goals of IPW2024 were effectively conveyed.


The following two days were dedicated to networking sessions, divided into two distinct areas:

The first area was designed to facilitate connections between media representatives and U.S. travel organizationsand destinations.

The goal was to enhance media coverage and promote U.S. tourism to a global audience. Thousands ofjournalists, freelancers, and content creators from 70 countries attended this sector.

The second area provided a luxurious and welcoming setting for U.S. travel organizations and businesses toconnect with international clients and each other.

Thousands of interactions took place in this area, generating significant outcomes.

According to the U.S. Travel Association, IPW is the country's largest travel event, generating billions of dollars inrevenue for the U.S. tourism industry.

The press and media workspace was buzzing with activity

The event further solidifies the United States' position as a global tourism leader and premier travel destination.

IPW's well-organized approach and focus on cost-effectiveness for participants make it an ideal platform forbuilding relationships, maintaining connections, and expanding global networks.


Ms.Bui Thanh Huyen, Deputy Director of Ascend Travel & Media, a Vietnamese representative at IPW 2024, expressed her impressions: "I was amazed by the scale of this event. Despite the tight schedule, the organizersprovided a well-structured agenda, efficient support tools, and easy access to various aspects of the event, makingit effortless for participants to connect. We at Ascend Travel & Media are confident of achieving great success atthis year's IPW."

Song Hong