The Sweet Set for teachers and mothers

On March 8, instead of giving expensive and flashy gifts, people this year are more into giving practical gifts, such as organic and healthy drinks.

Most of these organic drinks are fermented from fruits, without added flavouring, preservatives, or chemical sugars, meeting organic standards such as OCOP and VietGap.

Though scientifically not necessarily proven, many people seem to believe that, when consumed daily, these drinks would contribute to increasing the body's natural resistance, eliminate toxins, burn excess fat, and prevent the body from ageing. Also, these products are usually suitable for all ages.

Healthy drinks have replaced traditional gifts such as cosmetics, fruits, and jewellery

Organic drinks are convenient to consume, with reasonable prices, ranging from $1.30 to $4.30 per bottle.

In this gift segment, VGREEN Group JSC is considered a pioneering manufacturer in the market, with products like non-alcohol ginger beer, Kombucha tea, VKombucha Florist Cocktail tea, and many more.

The manufacturer also offers unique sets suitable for different customer groups. For example, the Sweet Set for around $10 is suitable for students to give to their mothers, teachers, and close friends.


By Nhat Ha